slow-logoOur kitchen is characterised by pleasurable, conscious, regional and seasonal food. Regional producers supply us with products of the highest quality of excellent taste.

A commitment guaranteed by their name:
  • Ancient and special vegetables and herbs: Aspinger Farm in Barbian - Harald Gasser
  • Bespectacled sheep from Villnöss: Furchetta in Villnöss
  • Beef of "Graues Geisler Aspinger Farm in Barbian - Harald Gasser
  • Chianina beef: Landmann Farm - Ritten
  • South Tyrolean cheese: Cheese refiner Hansi Baumgartner – Degust refines cheese from the Pfunders, Pfitsch and Vals Valleys, and from the Alpine Fane Pasture, and other South Tyrolean pastures and valleys
  • Eisack Valley white wines: all wine growers from the region