The Finsterwirt is one of the oldest buildings in Brixen. It dates back to the 13th century. The building has had a moving history, which is mirrored in the architecture and the ambience.
The building was originally in the possession of the Capitulars, who used it as their residence until the 18th century, and afterwards used it to serve wine here. In 1904, Anton Mayr took over and realised the Künstlerstübele. Numerous artists, poets and academics visited the restaurant, and often did not clear their bills with money, but instead with their pieces of art.

The Finsterwirt is characterised by historic wood-panelled rooms and precious pieces of art. The Mayr Family preserves these artistic treasures with great care and yet combines them with a modern touch: the airy inner courtyard terrace of the Finsterwirt, and the Vitis by Finsterwirt wine bar on the ground floor are the best examples of this harmonic combination.